PressureSafe Training Course

2-day IOSH approved online training consisting of 1 learning day followed by a day of remote exams and assessment scenarios.

The enhanced engineer pressure systems examination training course has been created to help service engineers understand Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) and provide detailed training on how to undertake pressure system statutory examinations.

Delegates will benefit from gaining knowledge on how PSSR regulations impact them, the role of the competent person and be made aware of the chain of responsibility. The course gives practical examples of examinations and techniques and provides best practice guidelines documented by the Health & Safety Executive.

This course is for experienced service engineers with a minimum of 6 months experience in pressure systems, wishing to carry out the statutory examinations on minor air, autoclaves, accumulators and expansion vessels. This is to follow what is required by PSSR and in conjunction with the PressureSafe reporting system.

After seeing the PressureSafe engineer training it was a no brainer, we would be able to complete our own examinations and work safely in collaboration with Mandate Systems to produce dual branded written schemes. This solution would not only improve quality, provide the one stop service we want to offer, it would also benefit the bottom line.

Paul Sutcliffe, Director – SSD Dental

The main objective of the course is to ensure the safety of everyone exposed to or within the vicinity of a pressure system.  The course will cover health & safety issues, approved code of practice and guidance notes regarding the regulations.

We have many delegates who attend the training for a number of different reasons and it’s optional as to whether or not you wish to join as a member. For more details on PressureSafe membership click here.

Get Booked In For Engineer Training

Spaces for our training are in high demand and with a limited number of spaces ensuring attendee engagement and satisfaction, don’t miss out by reserving your space to upskill your engineers to be able to undertake pressure system examinations in accordance with PSSR 2000.

Upcoming Training Dates:

  • 16 – 17th July 24
  • 10 – 11th Sept 24

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Mandate Systems is packed with guidance and advice on pressure systems safety, but we have also provided answers to some frequently asked questions. Please let us know if there is a question you would like the answer to that isn’t listed here.

    Your engineers will be trained by experts who are well versed in the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) and understand what are yours and the customers obligations to be compliant.

    You will be able to offer a one-stop-shop to your customer by not only supporting the supply and service of pressure systems, you will also be able to offer minor system statutory examinations and by working in collaboration with us, provide a written scheme for your customers.

    This will provide your company with an additional revenue stream, take the hassle out of compliance for your customer and with our competitively priced offering, allow you to be competitive with attractive margins.

    Engineers should have a minimum of 6 months pressure experience. For example they should already know the basics such as making equipment safe, interpreting data plate information and with an understanding of mechanical equipment.

    We have a range of date options available for engineers to attend a day’s zoom training. This is interactive with live polls, discussions and breakout group tasks along with workbook activities.

    Day 2 is made up of online assessments with one invigilated multiple choice exam and two open book assessments to submit remotely.

    Once your engineers are fully trained and passed our IOSH assessments they will be provided system logins and have access to our technical engineer and experience examination engineer surveyors who can support them remotely as an when required.

    All reports are independently checked and we have a 5 star rating where all reports submitted are quality checked, where required details are fed back to the engineer to upskill and your allocated manager will be made aware for quality assurance.

    Our training is based on non destructive examination tests on compressed air, receivers, safety devices, autoclaves and accumulators.

    You are responsible to ensure the engineer has competent skills and is familiar with the equipment you specialise in.

    Our engineer examination training is certificated by IOSH, an official award certificate will be issued after successfully passing the 3 assessments. The course also qualifies for CPD points (continual professional development).

    As part of your annual PressureSafe subscription payment, it provides access for trained engineers to our bespoke portal. This is cloud based allowing your engineers to log on whilst onsite, 24/7 and captures all examination details. Once stored the information is then saved and is available for you to refer back to each year, making subsequent visits quicker.

    To meet the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations and produce a written scheme you need to be classed as a competent person based on experience and knowledge and also depending on the type or equipment be IEng or Ceng qualified.

    For service providers who want to create a written scheme, we can work in partnership with you to produce a dual branded written scheme. This will incur additional fees at pre agreed rates.

    Initially we set up for the service partner to have access to the portal with your customers linked. This allows you to manage annual renewals of examinations. You can share details with your client to log in and only view their report. We are here to support and can agree briefing and set up at the onset.

    We do offer a reduced rate training for those signing up to our PressureSafe membership, however if you just wish to book engineers, managers of pressure systems, or H&S personnel onto our course for greater depth knowledge, this is certainly an option and something that we have done many times in the past.

    Our training and membership rates vary based on the volume of engineers, we are happy to provide you an accurate pricing by emailing or calling 01274 691091.

    It certainly is an option to be a PressureSafe member without attending our training, all we ask is for a copy of the training certificate from another recognised training provider. This must have been undertaken within the last 3 years.

    We have been in operation for over 30 years and for the last 10 have worked in partnership with many leading service providers. This was based on undertaking examinations and written schemes on their behalf or supporting them via PressureSafe. We are trusted and honourable with good T&C’s to be fair and transparent. Our reputation is key and we are not a company who will condone or act in an underhand way.